As a specialist in cloud communications, we strive to create superior solutions for daily operations and customer engagement with a global reach. Silverstreet is for everyone who wishes to reach an international audience and communicate with customers via a simple, reliable, and frictionless environment.

We serve over 3,000 global customers which is made possible by a team of highly-skilled individuals who are focused on providing the best way to get your message across.

Since 1999, Silverstreet has striven to become a global communication bridge between its enterprise partners and consumers. Enabling others to spread their message to mobile users around the world is still our core drive to do what we love. Now, 20 years since Silverstreet’s humble foundation in Tilburg, the Netherlands, we are proud to have teams and offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Poland.

Kaios is a family business, rooted in the Northern Netherlands and with international ambition.  We use artificial intelligence (AI) to enrich data and automate processes.

We see the endless possibilities of technology and want to make full use of them for everyone involved in asset management. Every single day.  

Our primary goal is to structurally improve asset management processes through automation and predictive power. We believe this leads to less waste and more prevention options, but also to a higher quality of maintenance and more control.  

All our people have a great passion for the power of data and technology. They work hard. Are always ready. They think in terms of solutions. Love to unravel puzzles. Creating what didn't already exist.  

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BigRingVR Virtual Technologies brings indoor training with outdoor experience to cyclists around the World! By utilizing the latest technologies combined with professionally produced content, we are able to provide riders with amazing high definition video quality combined with near-perfect GPS tracks. This brings a realistic virtual riding experience, allowing users to take full advantage of their indoor cycling trainers.  

BigRingVR has the largest catalog of professionally produced rides in the market, offering close to 400 HD quality rides in over 10 countries, covering just under 9,000 kilometers and 300,000 meters of elevation gain. 

The BigRingVR team consists of a multi-national team of cyclists and software engineers, bringing us a unique insight into what makes our virtual riding experience unlike anything else you might have tried.

Our application works with the majority of trainers. Just create an account and give it try. We do offer an option to try for free before you buy our service.


Publishone is the first publishing solution to give smart technologies to the people using it. Authors, researchers and editors can work in a completely familiar environment and focus on content. The only thing they see is a PublishOne ribbon in Word or another software of their choosing.

Behind the scenes publishers and knowledge driven companies have a firm grasp on what’s next. From editing and design to enriching content and making it more easily searchable. Everyone works in a central, cloud-based document and know exactly what their tasks and privileges are. As a result, the creators and content writers can do what they do best, while publishing to any format can be accomplished up to 40% faster.

From blog, app or whitepaper to textbooks, reports or novels in print. All from a single source file in PublishOne.

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